Sagres Surf Lessons-Level 1

Level 1 – Beginner

Get the thrill of sliding on a wave. If it’s your first time in the surfing environment, level 1 is for you! It will not be easy, but as soon as you can slide on the first wave, it will not be the same. Our experienced team will give you advice and all the tips, so that your beginning in surfing is the most fun and safe.

In our theoretical classes you will get all the information on how to stand and how to get to the board in the water. At this stage you will surf on the beaches of the coasts of Sagres where the waves are smaller and easier.



Surf Lessons-Level 2

Level 2 -Begginer to Intermediate

Get involved, challenge yourself, and see the sea. Already surfed a few times and already have the bases of surfing, so now is the time to improve your surfing and start surfing the first unbroken wave. You will learn the mechanical working of a wave and realize the ideal wave to surf, increasing safety for yourself and others. Start being a true surfer and become an intermediate surfer!



Surf Lessons-Level 3

Level 3 – Intermediate

You already have the ability to surf waves, but you want to improve, your pop-up and how to cut a wave. We will improve the quality of your surf, how to position yourself and choose the best wave. We will give you the total accompaniment, so as to become an independent surfer, surfing the best beaches of Sagres to your level. Surf your first big wave!




Sagres Private Surf Lessons

Level 1-3 – Private

Do you want to improve your surfing, or have you never surfed, and want a personalized and detailed monitoring? It’s the lessons for you. In our private lessons in Sagres you will have everything in mind, from a personalized accompaniment, a private jeep transfer to the beach, the choice of the best beach for you, your schedule, equipment, etc. Tell us what you want and we will try to the best match your expectations!